Nowadays, English is an international language, and most of the young people are attending to it with the hope of being able to communicate with people all over the world. Me too, as a motivated one, I also want to improve my skills. It was truly memorable when I chose Help Academy to study English. In here, I was completely surprised with the class style “one by one “ which means one teacher and one student studying together.

Why was I suprised?

First of all, each skill gives me a good practice that I can apply it in my daily life. And by communicating with teachers everyday in One-by-One class and also with my friends, I can develop both communication and pronunciation skills, I am happy to see my improvement everyday.


Second, I was afraid of speaking in English, because of my local accent, but with the cheering and supporting from teachers, gradually, I overcame my fear, and became more and more confident in talking. Speaking in English is not that scary.

And the last one, I realized, learning English is a process, I have to be patient, take it slowly, step by step, day after day. If I can keep moving forward, soon, I will be much better compared with the beginning.


Did I feel stressful? Yes, I did, but I had an interesting way to release it, I chose to attend special class such as zumba dancing, singing… after regular class hours. The feeling of enjoying with teachers and friends in those classes gave me a good experience about English. It can be fun !

Being in HELP for 12 weeks, I also learned ways to improve my English, I listened more English songs, read more books and watched more movies. And that’s not all, I also learned during weekend activites when I hung out with teachers and friends at restaurants, local market or some tourist spots, it’s a great time to me with many memories.


Time passes so fast and I will graduate this Friday, I will miss HELP and I would like to say “thank you” to all of my teachers and managers for supporting me during my studying in HELP.

Thank you so much and see you again.