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    파인스어학원 연수후기   |  생생한 연수후기! 2019-02-25 18:05:09
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    “Enterboy” Shares Youtube Video Creation Tips


    With big dream comes great responsibility and effort. I think this is the best line to describe the real function of social media influencers. Influencers live all over the world; and with their power and connection to create, they leave specific impact to the lives of some people through various social media platforms like Instagram and Youtube.

    Choi Hyuk Bin also known as Enter Boy is one of the youngest and newest influencers who chose Youtube to reach people.He is a Korean Youtuber who aims to spread optimism in the world.

    The young Korean is currently enrolled in Pines Academy and wants to broaden his horizons through traveling and meeting new people. He started creating stories about his new experiences and English learning updates at Pines Academy in December of 2018.

    The world is tiring and filled with bad news, and people who know how to create positive contents channel the mission of spreading good vibes all over the world. With two months of fun-filled video creation and exposition,Enter boy realized that his videos could change our perspective about the world. Let’s check out Enter boy’s insights while studying English and making videos in Baguio City

    When did you start your YouTube channel?

    I have started my Youtube channel 2 months ago.Video editing is my hobby, and I want to make “feel-good” videos based on my interests like traveling, eating and discovering new activities.

    What made you decide to become a social media influencer?

    I want to show what is happening around the world and hopefully become a positive influence to people around me. It’s actually the people around me who inspire me to create something “good”. I want to bring positive impact to them by appreciating the good things that surround them. I also want to meet new people and have an exchange of creative ideas with them in the future after learning English here in Pines Academy.

    How does it feel when people call you “influencer’? 

    I still feel shy, and I think I need to reach more viewers. According to my friends in Korea, I still need to improve the flow and content of my videos. I need to create a video with more interesting subjects. I guess I still need to learn more video tricks and direction based from their feedback.

    How do you make your video content?

    I love exploring and focusing on subjects that give me great feeling. I get my stories straight from the place I’m living in. It takes 2-3 hours to shoot. My advice for aspiring Youtubers is to create something that is close to their hearts. Anything that makes y feel good will lead you to something good, this is one of the rules I  want to share when it comes to making videos.

    How important is English learning for you?

    English learning prepares me for interaction with other people. It will help me convey my positive message to people around the world. After studying English in Pines, I will go to Australia. I hope I can continue sharing the positive feeling I always have inside my heart, so the world will be a happier place to live in.

    ** Good luck to your world mission Enter Boy! We believe that the world is a much better place because of people who create something good for people. We are also deeply appreciating your effort of bringing Baguio City and Pines Academy in the lives of other people through your youtube channel.

    **  Check out Enterboy’s travel stories: 엔터보이 Enter boy