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    파인스어학원 후기작성  |  생생한 연수후기! 2019-02-08 11:57:55
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    5-Must Try Activities in Baguio City According to Pines Students

    Traveling as they say enriches the soul and gives depth to your character. To be given the chance to travel and study could be a once in a lifetime experience for some people. Grab the chance of traveling and studying English in Baguio City as there are a lot of interesting things to try and places to check  out .Our students are good in arranging their weekend appointments. Check out these 5 suggestions from them!

    1.Start your weekend by capturing the blue sky

    Baguio City’s marvelous sky is an instant attraction. Take advantage of the fine weather and location . Staying in Baguio City will give you a better perspective of everything. It’s like you have a better view of the sky.   


    2.Stroll on Session Road before mall hours 

    Session Road is the your door in exploring Baguio City’s heart. It is divided into to 2 sections , the upper and lower part.  From SM City mall,you can just walk your way to the heart of the Central Business District; this would be the Upper Session Road.
    You may go to the Baguio City Cathedral and continue walking along the beautiful area leading you to coffeehouses and cafes.

    3.Eat delicious lunch in Good Taste Restaurant

    Good Taste Restaurant serves Chinese and Filipino cuisine. First month students would come here  because of their teachers’ recommendation. Well, if you love fried rice, chicken and mixed veggies this is the place to be. Their pastries are delicious too.

    Good taste is the perfect choice for a big group lunch. Their bestsellers are buttered chicken, Chopsuey (mixed vegetables) , Nido Soup and Cream Puff! Try these things next weekend !



    4.Enjoy your chilly late afternoon at Baguio Craft Brewery 

    Chilly late afternoons call for 1 good drink that you can have at Baguio Craft Brewery. Why our students recommend it? The drinks are homegrown and there are different variants to choose from.


    Baguio Craft Brewery is famous for having various kinds of freshly brewed beer.


    Try their barbecued ribs with a side of fries and corn! It’s the perfect late afternoon food during cold season </div>

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